I have been searching for a thread to answer a few questions I have on the XL. Easy to control, and holds an almost perfect line on big throws. Discraft says this about the XL: Send a private message to KelReeves. With it’s comfortable rim and deliberate flight, this disc just doesn’t allow you to make big mistakes.

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It pairs nicely with the XL as it’s easier to turn and hyzer flip and always holds the turning line.

Some discs are easier to throw then others, the higher the number the harder to throw correctly. Find all posts by TonyAPE Send a private message to TonyAPE Send a private message to Razor. Discrqft all posts by Razor.

Send a private message to hendryxdisc. I picked up a ESP and it took a feww weeks for me to get used to it. What do you want to see next from Discraft. High numbers are best for beginners.


Discs with poor glide putters are a good example fall quickly when they xxl out of speed. Zero or low numbers are best for beginners. Once you learn them, they become hyzer flip machines and are the easiest discs to reach out to the ft range. My brother’s longest drive was with a Z XL. Crowley, Texas Years Playing: Discratf Color and Weight Availability – This model may not be available in all colors.

Low numbers lose speed quickly, high numbers lose speed slowly. Tiny Double Eagle Member.

[Discraft] Discraft XL – Disc Golf Course Review

Jan Years Playing: What others have said: Former world distance record holder of feet. Send a private xk to KelReeves. Elite X plastic is a step up in durability compared to Pro-D plastic. Not exactly like the X I had but is coming around to be just as reliable for those same shots.

Discraft XL – X

Disc Golf Courses in the United States: Superior grip, great for beginners or pros, very economical, different amounts of wear yield desirable flight differences. Who uses the XL as a roller and how well does it work? Discraft says this about the XL: Find all posts by Anthony Cantow. Discfaft does Unique color mean?


Find all posts by craftsman. Low numbers are best for beginners. I use mine on tight fairways. Description Discraft says this about the XL: It is the former world distance record holder at feet. It works fine but I always keep an Avenger SS in the bag for rollers.