Earlier, 86 was used instead of fd. Reference for the ID: This project provides the file system driver, utility programs to create format and check LEAN volumes, and a file-manager-like application that serves as a proof of concept. It supported a hard disk up to 16MB; up to 32MB for version 2. The volumes can be split over several drives. Turns out those are my Minix partitions. It runs on PCs and up , Sun3, Sparc,

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Retrieved 27 November It hides types 010405060b0c0e0f by adding decimal 0x8c. Kai Henningsen kai khms.

Home page is www. Unused area is not designated. Its successor Netware 4. It is rumoured that the Windows NT boot partition must be primary, and within the first 2 GB of the disk. After finding no other possibility than to just “not touch those drive letters” I continue with the install.

Various filesystem types like xiafs, ext2, ext3, reiserfs, etc.


Alternative terms for free software Comparison of open-source and closed-source software Comparison of source code hosting facilities Free freedls Free software project directories Gratis versus libre Long-term support Open-source software Open-source software development Outline. See also b1 – b3 decimal Open source reinvents past”.

FreeDOS – 32 – Dev

Similar to type 14 above, the MBR could have up to 8 partition entries. Link to this list – do not copy it. DOS command line interface. See also ID a1. It contains the boot code, physical and virtual memory management and the multi-processor thread scheduler, controlling which thread should be executed on a CPU at any given time. An extended partition is a box containing a linked list of logical partitions.

For info see http: See also type 4c decimal 76 above. Contains a bare DOS 6.

FreeDOS 1.1 released after 17 years

Otherwise it seems that the types c1c4c5c6 and d1d4d5d6 are used precisely like 01040506 but are accepted only when booting from disk. The following code resources are available.


Copyright C Andries E. Solaris creates a single partition with id 0x82, then uses Sun disk labels within the partition to split it further. For the history, see wikipedia.

Types of DOS that support FAT32

This ID may also be used in obscure trickery: Some of its key features are: See type 0f below. It supports container files, dedicated partitions type 0x74 and disks hidden in WAV audio files.

EZ-Drive fa another disk manager by MicroHouse, OpenBeOS tries to create an open source version. Bob Griswold rogris Exchange. The boot software was purchased on by SWsoft. A simple scheduler controls execution of one or more threads and interrupts.

It is freely obtainable – see http: