And I can’t think of anything better than Audition for what you want to do Has anyone had problems like this? If you’re experiencing latency skipping, audio dropouts, delays, etc. Help FAQs Go to top. I don’t have a clue about who makes the firewire chip on this motherboard

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I changed mr Playback and Recording preferences in the Windows Sound selection and turned off the Windows sounds and this still happens.

Employee March 31, Help FAQs Go to top. Anyway, there are no x64 drivers for the multimix series Most important, do you know which company made your firewire chip? You may have to set the Alesis as your default audio device for this.

Hey guys thanks for the help so far so good. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. I think you may have misunderstood my question. This does not happen when aldsis live through direct monitoring.

Alesis IO26 ASIO dropping audio

There is also a firmware update utility that might work for all in the multi mix series http: I can playback but I can’t input anything. Microphones ARE mono devices so using mono channels is absolutely correct.


I did some research about this and found out that you’re right. Take it back, it’s not worth the headache, spend a few extra dollars and buy a better interface -take it from me, I have a Alesis USB Mixer, and it’s always one thing after another.

Alesis multimix asio drivers

You could try using ASIO4all www. Surely they have better support for the later models?

I can’t speak for the Multimix stuff, but I have the Mastercontrol and it works perfectly. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I found out about Asio4all a little while ago. Strange thing I dont hear it from the monitor headphones, but I see it visually in the waveforms recorded. Official Representatives Bill R. I am contemplating if I should try and exchange my io2 for something else since I just got it I think the consensus is that Alesis products simply just don’t play well with Sonar.

alesis io2 & asio – Audiofanzine

And I can’t think of anything better than Audition for what you asioo to do I only wish I knew this myself, before I was ‘stuck’ with an Alesis product. Has anyone had problems like this? I can’t believe that. Tech guy at Alesis is an idiot If you don’t use this one, you’ll very only likely get the basic Microsoft specification for audio, which is the two channels required for stereo Join the HC Newsletter.


I’ve been running into a problem with Track 1 automatically defaulting the input and output to “None” at random times then I have to choose the input and output I had selected in the beginning. If I still have similar issues I suppose I’ll buy a firewire card.

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