Same problem for me. So all is fine for me, but updating to Fedora 13 next weeks may be a bad idea, because as far as I know F13 uses a new version of the X server which is not supported by the Catalyst driver up to now.. September 20th, 6. Ive got F12 atm, and Im having the same problem as taf2. Before proceeding any further, i wanted to confirm if the steps are valid for Fedora 13 and driver version Join Date Nov Beans Hidden! Average FPS in glxgears of without any tweaks to my xorg file at all.

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[SOLVED] FGLRX failing at DKMS

Strangely I also had to skip step 7 otherwise I caralysttm my cursor when I start gnome-shell. I installed catalyst More than anything, the fan noise of my graphics card when running like this is a nightmare!

I think u have to buy a new laptop anyways. Still haven’t been able to solve the problem here.

Join Date Sep Beans I was able to get my compy working again by reverting to the ati open source driver. Maybe it’s relative save to proprietarry the linux-image and linux-heades generic packages again which will reinstall the latest kernel update again, if you don’t try to alter the fglrx packages again. September 22nd, 8.


linuxx I have a mobility HD on my laptop and it runs like a dream. Post your bug reports here: Needless to say, I had not expected a miracle with the Catalyst drivers… Unfortunately it still sucks, there is no improvement. Has anyone installed ATI drivers on a bit platform specifically Chances are some kernel developer will start yelling at me for doing this, but oh well.

With Catalyst Driver version 9. Does it have something to do with the login prompt? ATI driver does work with Fedora I think I almost have this working… The only error I see in my Xorg.

Gonna keep looking but Im going to assume its an incompatability with the gcc program.

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux

I might have to switch back to Ubuntu: I’ve managed to compile the latest version of Bluefish hiccup displlay, etc, etc. I thought of noting down the the process in few simple steps which anyone can follow and get the drivers working on Fedora 11 with latest kernel versions.


The update might not show up straight away depending on which update server you use. Hi i setup this software Hi guys, yesterday I tested the new After install I rebooted to find the problem. So, back to my original question.

This mailing list post seems to give a reason why, but doesn’t provide fix. All your exam questions and the questions are now in displa pack with free exam dumps. Thanks for the guide!

Still no solution found for this? Any suggestions or donations of clue greatly appreciated.

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For me, with the latest package kernel, You may like to stick to the kernel version you already have. September 19th, 1.

This step is not necessary.