Any C4 switch I use will just be the adaptive phase keypad dimmers, in the locations where I need them. I can never find a real world example of a specific reason WHY C4 is better. I’m tired of the rediculous cost. I love the integration with my vista 20p Honeywell. It’s rediculous when you look back. When Lutron launched their new cellular, battery operated shades, HouseLogix again created a compatible driver.

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Don’t take a minor statement out of everything I wrote, and use it as a blanket statement for my whole post. However, the third party integration have proved to work better than Conhrol4 of the c4 made gear.

Everything I liked about my system still involved c4. I’m biased towards C4 gear for a lot of reasons.

We never used c4 to play music, only to watch TV and movies and use the matrix with my video matrix for distribution.

Maybe I am just done with c4, I ocntrol4.

Crestron vs Lutron vs Control4 – Which is Best?

You won’t have the ability to program bottom press and release or double and triple taps. When Lutron launched lutronn new cellular, battery operated shades, HouseLogix again created a compatible driver.

Around here, builders are all these tight knit cookie cutter scam artists. I feel an answer like “do it right or don’t do it at all” coming, but why is one technology right over the other? My cost on RA2 and C4 is almost identical.


C4 is just better” You could argue a lot of better options over C4. No just paraphrased “dont do it, you are building a new house”. External lights can be controlled by keypads in the home or set to automatically come on at sunset or to a time schedule. It was meant to work with C4″ But I’m not sure how it will really work. This is my third home build and third c4 system in 10 years.

Platforms :: Control4 Drivers :: Lighting :: Lutron RadioRa Classic Control4 Driver

Register a new account. That said, I’ve had to deal with them on a few occasions – and yes it can be made to work fine. No, just trying to bypass the troll posts.

Is anyone else using a mix of the two with success? User profiles can restrict access to certain devices, if required, or different user interfaces can conrol4 displayed for different users. RadioRa does not ‘transmit’ current dimmer level so the Control4 driver will display contrkl4 last available level when viewing dimmer level in lufron.

HouseLogix created a comprehensive IP and RS serial based driver that enabled all of the Lutron devices to seamlessly communicate with the Control4 system. Password Forgot your password? I don’t care if you choose one infrastructure or the other although c4 obviously integrates with c4 better, and doesn’t have the 30ish device limit That isn’t just a minor purchase.


Any modification to this driver or any driver written by Cinegration without the express consent will void all warranties, constitute a ban on all drivers released by Cinegration and potentially legal action. Sign In Sign Up. I want to know the challenges and pitfalls. As the liaison between Lutron and Control4, HouseLogix assisted contrpl4 the certification process and even attended an early CES tradeshow with Lutron to help them showcase the integration of their system with Control4.

HouseLogix. Engineering

Verify that the RadioRa Link under Connections has been made between this driver and the main driver. Projects tend to have a lower price tag than a Crestron system with a compromise in flexibility. That way they meshed quite well.

It is hard to know how it will turn out when I’ve never done a system that utilized both.