May I change the hard drive of the Xtreme Files to enlarge the capacity for large files myself? Yes, the CN can serve as one of these also. This product is extremely user friendly because of its ease of installation. Once found, you plug the I. Hopefully, this article will help you get your external hard drive recognized by Windows or Mac. And if you need to host some files that can be accessed via the web then the CN can serve as a FTP server as well. You can setup as many accounts with passwords as you want.

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Desperatly In Need Of Help With A COOLMAX Gemini CD-509-U2 External Enclosure

After logging in to the drive, you are greeted by the System Information screen. When the factory that we get the bridge boards from the chipsets they did not create a serial number for each chipset, so all of the chipsets we windods on our shipment have the same serial number, I have two firewire drives and when I try to connect them only one drive shows up on the system, what is wrong?

The CN really packs a lot of function into a single box solution. I would try to isolate whether the problem is with the drive or with the enclosure.

Cold air is what it takes to having a long-lasting hard drive. How the drive is formatted and what file system is being used is the most common reason why drive is not recognized.


Posted by ZacMutrux on 24 Aug 6: Please also try to change the udma mode to udma5 or if not try to disable it too. A NAS drive is a great thing to have around the home as well as an office.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows or OS X?

The only other option is to format the hard drive and use the FAT32 format for the best compatibility. The CN is intended to work with a standard usb printer. Ok, well i don’t know dp to format the drive, Coomax have a laptop and cannot install it internally, but the enclosure does work, and to answer the question of what happens when i try to access the drive, well there is no way for me to access the drive, XP shows that windowe is installed on the task bar but it’s almost as if the drive doesn’t exist: These are limitations of print servers in general and do not apply to the CN alone.

The rear of the enclosure has a lot of connections that can be utilized in an office as well as a home. Open “disk utility” click “partition” find and select the new disk to partition. Next window “specify partition size” will let you specify partition size, leave as is and click next.

Its simple, web-based interface is easy to configure and requires no drivers or servers! Log In to Reply. So it is best to start with a fresh drive.

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Just make sure your USB 2. If you connect the drive to the computer and nothing happens, one of several things could be going on: If not, the Xtreme Files Drive is only an coomax storage device.


Hopefully, this article will help you get your external hard drive recognized by Windows or Mac. Right click My Computer. The chipset incompatibilities is one of the problem also; If your motherboard or pci firewire chipset is VIA, you need to goto MS to get the fix http: All it takes is connecting the power and SATA cables to the rear of the drive and then screwing the drive into the tray of the enclosure.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows or OS X?

Installation and Software There isn’t much to coolmad a hard drive into the enclosure. This screen gives you all the details of the hard drive as well as its status on the network. Once the jumper is in place make sure all cables are properly connected, close the case and reconnect the enclosure. What hard drive format do I use for MAC? Posted by ZacMutrux on 25 Aug 1: Please make sure drive is set as master or cable select.

To open the enclosure, there are two screws that secure the three pieces of the unit together.

The rear of the tray houses a small cooling fan.