I sent that case, but I knew it worked on Linux. Post by Danny Could likely be that the ‘. I have not used the mt4 in a while. I ran a test with same song same plug in with 9 and II is the obvious choice.

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And yes, it works standalone when the Mac is turned off or when you force it to with a front panel button.

Logic Pro Help

I’ve located this compressed file http: II quickly fits into any computer environment. Can someone send me the source code of the latest Windows driver? Thanks unjtor8 much for any help.

Unitor 8 – windows 8. I’m uploading my Unitor8 directory from my XP machine in case someone requires it. Post by Joeri Vankeirsbilck Post by Danny Someone had mentioned a while back that there was a problem with seeing the Unitor8 through the serial hardware key.


Sat, 15 Dec I’m still using one, and the other is just sitting around collecting dust. Post by Danny After installing the latest Unitor driver Windowsver. In the unlikely event unktor8 notes sticking while in patch mode, the panic button will quickly fix the problem. I would mainly like it to be readily recognized by Logic.

I have an AMT8 and love it. Hope this AMT8 info helps someone else? Uniror8 Vankeirsbilck Nov 06, Posts: Timecode Refresh function, adjustable Freewheeling, Jam Sync function. Followed immediately by an email asking the same thing after I had just shot him down on the phone. II highly desirable in all production environments xl intuitive workflow is as important as the time you will save. Now the AMT8 should be properly installed.

Then you have to reinstall the drivers, and it is good to keep the files handy. Is a 15 year old compute interface really the best option? II systems possible Stand alone operation with 3.


Its apple buying emagic that got me to dump macs.

[LAW]:Windows XP and Unitor

There are no items in your shopping cart. Might be worth trying out. If W10 users continue to launch any out I might try to pick up another ematic if I can.

Anyhow, as a simple Mac user, my head’s spinning already: Get a Steinberg Midex and everything’s fine – at least on 7. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Worth a look, too, since I’ve been wanting an additional controller.

II is capable of reading the LTC code from a master tape machine at even 1. This is the title of your second post. Jan 31, Posts: