Very hard to tell the difference. The plastic cavity badge has a milled effect finish and a chevron that echos the R9 TP. Sole — the weights not sitting flush or fitting as they should. To view the latest offerings from the counterfeiters please visit us on our Facebook page. Our expert inspection team, made up of PGA Qualified professionals, personally handle tens of thousands of clubs every year. But the M2 was the star for me.

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Taylormade R9 Driver(Could this be a fake?) – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

You currently have javascript disabled. But I could see how tzylormade people may like how they frame the ball. Again the fake is on the left. Let’s just hope the seller does right, as he mentioned he would. The club on the left is a Callaway Steelhead X sand wedge.

The Turner T9 is a clone of the TaylorMade r9. On the genuine club right it is a nice smooth finish, high quality paint and application, whereas on the fake it is an uneven finish – poor products and application. Taylormade R9 Supertri Taylormade R11 3 wood.

Jan 2, Messages: We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still been plenty of action from Get in on a pay-it-forward type shaft testing! Inside the head of a R9 counterfeit driver taglormade a real Taylormade R9 driver. That is a cool look at fake products.


FAKE Taylor Made R9 or LEGIT?

As soon as you hit the ball there should be a noticeable taylormadee if you had both in hand! Glad I had the real thing from TGW. Got a lot more hook compared to my D At address the topline is well balanced and the overall effect is top notch. BaldTexan 63 years old. The counterfeit is on the left.

I am looking for a set of R9 irons in good condition. If you are buying 2nd hand pings then make sure the owner has document of sale Callie Putter The fake below in our image looks very similar from a distance, so you can see how the crooks are getting away with tayllrmade when you have nothing to compare it too!

Other differences, not shown in this image, are that the Yes! Not painful, just felt very dead. Bobbers, on Apr 27 All in all, these clubs are very playable and forgiving on shots that miss the dead center of the clubface.


Much more harsh when mishit though, but I knew that was coming. In addition to this on the hybrid the step towards the toe is not rendered as smoothly on the counterfeit as it is on the genuine article.

The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Irons – GolfWRX

A very cool, inside look of a TaylorMade R9 Driver and it’s counterfeit counterpart. There was an article in a current golf magazine about this. The long irons are especially forgiving and for those of us who need that extra forgiveness but still want more control than the typical game improvement set these are a rock solid choice.

The parts look so much alike, even to weight and structural distribution, that the only difference appears to be poor workmanship at assembly. Dutchie79 0 Member Joined: Newest Member Brandon Pierce Joined 7 hours ago. Damn, yards with a 7 iron! On the course, I struggled with distance control at first. Both irons had a higher trajectory than my gamer 7 iron.