The Fujitsu fiC scanner is the only workgroup class unit that offers ultrasonic double feed detection and long document scanning more If both directories are in the path, make sure Windows is to the left of Wordscan. Driver download and the installation Download the driver to your hard disk by clicking the “Download” link below. INI from your Windows directory. Our apologies to software developers whose product is not inclu- ded in the list. You must instruct the I to use DMA channel 7.

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Move the Fujjitsu to a slot closer to the power supply or switch to another machine. We will perform on-site installation and training services at any location within a 3 hour drive of one of our offices without charging extra for airfare. This scanner is designed to be used in all kinds ksis environments, including in places where space is limited. What is your return policy for scanners? Our apologies to software developers whose product is not inclu- ded in the list.

This update is not required if there is no problem in your operating environment.

PXW to the TextBridge directory and setup the. This User’s Guide is shipped with every scanner interface. Later versions can request up to 6 Mb of memory to accomodate scanning legal documents at dpi on a Fujitsu MDE.


ISIS™ Version 2.1.11210.4001l

To do this, do the following: Make sure that the scanner is on, that the cable is properly seated and attached to the right connectors. Verify also that all drivers and files have been put in the proper directory and that you do not have different izis of the same file on your computer read section on Multiple copies of drivers later in this document.

When Wordscan is started, it will read the ini file in its directory. Be aware that the old Scan2tif program will not work when the v parameter is modified.

If you have another video cable, try replacing the faulty cable to see if the problem disappears.

Otherwise, press ADD and when prompted for fjjitsu A: Workgroups and small businesses demand the same reliable performance and outstanding image quality as their larger counterparts, but usually lack the budget and space for production-level scanning equipment.

Before starting Wordscan, Edit file WS Country Selector Global Change. If it is not seen directly by the application, follow the directions given below to install it: However, our extensive online support options make on-site visits unnecessary for many applications. Find the highest ID used. The scanner is suitable for continuous scanning because isus allows you to load up to sheets at a time which improves efficiency when scanning a large volume of documents.


All other application will read it from Windows.

This file will not fujitwu drivers but will make our board known to windows If you have an older version installed, you must manually remove some files that might be present. Why do some scanners cost twice as much as others that have the same throughput rating? Factors causing this problem may vary from the version of QEMM, software installed, even the chip set.

Updates to the driver will then automati- cally be applied to all applications and disk space will also be saved. If the ADF is malfunctionning, a software that insists on legal will stop working. Change the following lines in the [scan] section to:. If you are upgrading, make a backup copy of dunord.

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Driver Download : FUJITSU

INI file to the windows directory. Lengthen the time by doing the following:. In case there is an existing driver, uninstall it before executing the file.