One worry about the size and weight was if the device was weighted correctly for controlled use of the keyboard, but the top of the device, when open, does not change the weight distribution to much. The keyboard however has tons of practical use. Dave’s Score – 8. Having more buttons gives you more options for how to control your device. The back of the device has the camera as well as the removable battery that is latched by a small easy to open latch on the bottom back of the device. The device has a slightly different hue to it than other devices, a little darker silver. Weigh the pros and cons before purchasing, but in my opinion this device is a good buy.

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Since one of the primary functions of this device is as a phone, I do feel that this should have been worked out so the device would provide a clear signal for the caller. It is also immediately noticeable the number of buttons on the front.

I am not using a screen protector and think that something like a Clear Touch screen protector would help, but still it would have been nice to see some kind of special screen coating to prevent smudging. The camera l-mate good for quick snapshots, but that is about it. It is very easy to hear calls and get the caller good and loud. Cellular data service is the final option for connecting the PDA2k. It is pretty standard, and rather large for my taste. They are relatively flush against the device likely because of the slider mechanismand the actual button is not the full area that is drawn.

The embedded WiFi is The problem could be the placement of the microphone, which looks like it is on the bottom not back, but bottom by the sync port.


i-mate PDA2k

One interesting thing to note is when using the camera, the devices screen will turn up to full brightness, likely so you can see the live camera feed well. Bluetooth is becoming a must have for a lot of people, though I have been slow to adopt it in my general use.

Note, there has been some discussion on forums related to the PDA2k about Bluetooth stack problems. The big reason for why Bluetooth is a good idea on this device is because the device is a phone and new Bluetooth headsets are a great addition to using the device as a phone.

A number of users including me noticed some issues with the phones microphone, and poor voice pickup for calls. A place where this came in handy was on campus at school where there is only a couple WiFi points spread across campus.

When it comes to wireless, this device has it all. Again, WiFi can be enabled from the Wireless Manager and flashes the left light green when it is on. While it is often slower than other options specifically compared to WiFiit is an extremely available option as cellular networks are much more available than open WiFi networks.

The battery in the device can defiantly hold its own. Under the battery is the SIM card holder. When you begin using the keyboard it becomes backlit, which is good for highlighting the keys.

Normally I run my devices at full or near full brightness. While I did some testing, I did not elusively test the Bluetooth due to pockwt constrains. It is a pinnacle of style, power, and functionality all rolled into one device.

i-mate PDA2k – User opinions and reviews

The back of the device has the camera as well as the removable battery that is latched by a small easy to open latch on the bottom back of the device. Now, on screen buttons don’t get pressed, but usually the screen will get smudged after using it.


Two buttons at the top of the front face, four at the bottom, an action button in the middle of the directional pad, two buttons on i-jate left side of the device, and finally a programmable button on the keyboard. I like it better than using stylus input for writing. The keyboard however has tons of practical use.

Review: i-mate PDA2k – Dave’s PDA Place

For users that think they may be using a GPS SDIO card with the device or a future type of SD card that wouldn’t fit completely in the device, this would be a drawback to the device. The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen.

The specifications say this equates to hours or talk time, 15 hours of PDA time, and hours of standby time. But if you have the money, want power, and need connectivity, the i-mate PDA2k could be right device for you.

Finally, the directional pad is a great size and form.

You can also have WiFi turn itself off if it gets disconnected for to long. With the PDA2k I don’t have to sync news i-maet before I leave for class, or in the library before class starts over WiFibut can do it whenever I want to see what is new.