Trying various drivers without much luck. Files are similar to tables in a relational database in that each file has a unique name to distinguish it from other files and zero to multiple unique records that are logically related to each other. Talk to their sales department or something. We keep our SSL version upto date. Thanks for the heads up, I do appreciate all the different ideas about this ODBC problem, but the uid and pw are both letters and numbers, no symbols. Wed, 11 Jan Search everywhere only in this topic.

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Simon u2-users mailing list [hidden email] To unsubscribe please visit http: Which version of the driver are you using? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Tuesday, October 13, 2: Inside that file, I have the following entry: RocketU2 offers three professional certification designations related to the U2 product family. Unidatx been able to run queries against this linked server as follows connecting to the SQL server, which specific local database you’re connected to doesn’t matter until you want to start moving the data over. Retrieved from ” https: According to the IBM site, both are available.


Kevin King [hidden email] Date: So, at this point, you’re really in the wrong forum as this is no longer an SSIS issue.

These record IDs are typically hashed so that data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently. I am trying to import unidata into MS Access.

I don’t have a unidata dba That’s right – I also had a problem with a user that had a password with a symbol in it. Regards, Robert Original Message: I don’t give up easy do I?

Informix ODBC Driver Guide

It has a user name specified, but I don’t think the one here is relevant. I’m currently unnidata through this and if I find the answer I will follow-up with the solution.

Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. Wednesday, April 4, 9: Tuesday, October 16, 7: Would you be able to point me to any such ODBC driver that would do my job.

A given value uses only as many bytes as needed.

Export UniData database to SQL Server using DTS via ODBC driver failed – Informix

For hashed files, a U2 system uses a hashing algorithm to allocate the file’s records into groups based on the record IDs. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: Once I fixed that I worked fine. There were different unifata with the 6. Sign in to vote.


Rocket U2 – Wikipedia

We live for your next big customer. NET connection, where you can choose the. Views Read Edit View history. Smart large objects These topics describe how to store, create, and access a smart large object; how to transfer smart-large-object data; how to retrieve the status of a smart large object; and how to read or write a smart large object to or from a file. What I’m ultimately needing is probably a 3rd party driver or a legitimate path to an IBM one We keep our SSL version upto date.

Rows and collections Rows and collections are composite values that consist of one or more elements. I just tell Access to look at the appropriate system DSN, put in the server, database name and password, and there are all the tables to choose from.