This topic applies anyway??? Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: I have the same problem like the person above me, when i turn off the application, and start again i have no image. About making Kworld TV Tuner work 1. If you only see Unknown Multimedia device or similar, uninstall that and delete driver also. You may need to turn the volume up on the capture. The card itself looks identical.

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Everything worked, except the tuner.

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Then I searched for compatible chipsets Philips saa all over the internet and into lots of help forums Microsoft Spain included but I was absolutely saa134 of luck! Try to clean RCA Plugs.

Even though you can see all the files after you download, you need to extract the files first. Always I try to help Us. Please migrate any such information to the proper location. This module worked great for me. At my end it worked with Windows Media Centre in W7 Ult 64b, with the leftovers from previous installation [read: Install your TV Card first. Can you guide me some more? Make sure it is using the right soundcard and you may also have to change the Passthrough to the Alsa option.


KWorld Global TV Terminator

The video card have no audio. I think The error is not with aaa7134 program Or if you have better information that can get me started in setting this thing up, I’m all ears and will appreciate any help. And as it is considered to being a program, it is NOT automatically updated. If no one has a solution, please, at least point me to a place where I can get an answer.

Kworld Global TV Terminator – TV PCI TV Card = Philips SAAX Drivers Download

Thank you all guys Remove From My Forums. May 12th, Thank you very much!

Yes Alsa direct only works with mplayer, using a pure digital path. Note this may not work for users who kworlr using v4l2-ctl as the output has changed. Then, install the new drivers of this topic.

So, I am in need of a way to get the above commands to stay in effect after the computer is restarted. If everything goes well you should be able to open a terminal, press the 1 key on your waa7134 and see a 1 appear in the terminal make sure that num lock is on.


And post link with drivers and software.

That’s it for video. About making Kworld TV Tuner work I tried again to use the method that I described above and it did not work this time. Make sure your internal card is kworod or else you could have sound issues.

SAA cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

A patch for remote support is floating around on the v4l mail list, however it is not yet complete or stable. How would I get things back to the way they were? I hate company delete my uploads.

Do I simply delete each file or do I reverse a specific process to eliminate them? Views Read View source View history. Xmodmap” every time X starts.