While very useful on notebooks, the Touch Bar is a game changer for tablet computers, and will be exclusively available on the Modbook Pro X. Our experienced Mac developers create the software and hardware for the Modbook Pro X in tight adherence to all applicable Apple Mac Developer guidelines and Apple design guidelines for accessories and peripherals. Launch of the Modbook Pro to help build and fine-tune the business processes and infrastructure needed for the Pro X. Modbook announced the Kickstarter-exclusive launch of Modbook Pro X, the company’s most ambitious hardware project to date. Create your very own, one-off, one-of-a-kind Modbook Pro X. Wefunder supports three different federal laws that allow startups to raise money legally.

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The “AnyView” display was bonded to the “ForceGlass” screen cover, which was chemically strengthened to improve the durability of the screen and featured an etched surface tahlet improve the response of the digitizer pen. Retrieved from ” https: The optional Keyboard Stand gives users a powerful tool when using their Modbook Pro X as a tablet, a notebook or both.

Modbook Pro: Yes, there is an OS X tablet and it’s been available since | ZDNet

Andreas Haas introduces the first inch pen-enabled Mac tablet at the MacWorld Modobok and Expo, winning best-in-show. You may recall a little product called the Modbook, an after-market mod for Apple’s MacBooks.

Initially we intend to drive our core B-to-C business by building out our existing eCommerce platform that has shipped to-date into 70 countries. Driven by feedback like this, we have made it our first priority to provide the best pen input experience possible.

General users will appreciate the versatility and flexibility the Modbook Pro X offers. The fact is, manufacturing high-end hardware is expensive.


The upcoming Modbook Pro X exclusively features the revolutionary Apple Touch Bar and the multi-function Touchpad Remote, setting a new bar for tablet computing solutions. Why it’s a wise move by Amazon. Not only must their solutions run standard office software, they must also simultaneously power mission-critical, professional creative applications i.

Complete one-year warranty for the entire device, including its MacBook Pro components, and dedicated service and support.

The Modbook Pro is a remarkable achievement and perfect for those who demand portability.

This has arguably enabled Apple to become most if not the valuable company on the planet. Participate in our Meet-The-Creative live-streaming events where elite creative professionals take you behind the scenes of their projects, share their experiences, and answer your questions.

Andrew Beegle Board of Advisors. Day 2 and already making my work better, easier, and faster iPad Pro: Unofficial Mac tablet draws record crowd at Macworld high-res photos.

How to get the touchscreen Retina MacBook Pro of your dreams.

Apple patent points to Minority Report-style system operation New patent by Apple shows systems operated like those in Minority Report without touching anything.

This page was modbokk edited on 26 Augustat You can also interact with the device using the rear-mounted shortcut keys or the detachable keyboard stand, both of which will be available for an additional cost.

Unique codes hint at collaboration capability One 1 — It would be utterly incompatible with their product strategy not marketing strategy, which could be much more easily adjusted.

Modbook Pro: Yes, there is an OS X tablet and it’s been available since 2012

Each participating backer received Non-Qualified Stock Options proportionally based on the amount of their individual pledges, in addition to the Modbook Pro X rewards they will receive once customer shipments begin. The Modbook Pro tablet is nearly an inch thick, so it’s not a slim device. Tell us the email you used to sign up, and we’ll get you on your way. Image drawn to scale. Click to viewIt was exactly a year from the time Axiotron first debuted their touchscreen MacBook at Macworld modboook the time we got the first hands-on of it at Macworldand that year of development time seems to have done the company some good.


Between the crystal clear retina display, to the ability to use a pen, it’s going to be a game-changer for creatives.

Modbook Pro, the One and Only Mac Tablet Computer | Modbook Inc.

We strongly believe that Apple will not address our niche for the foreseeable future for the following two main reasons: WatchOS 3 beta helps responders in situations. We seamlessly integrate best-in-class pen technology with the power, performance and portability of a Retina-display MacBook Pro, creating the most versatile mobile tablet on the market.

Of course, in the longer term, once modbopk launched the Modbook Pro X and begin building out our product roadmap, we do plan on adding certain patentable processes and features to our products and build out our intellectual property portfolio.

See Rewards section at the bottom left for more info Less.

It relies equally on the unique hardware abstraction layer design we developed for our Modbook product line, as well as on our location in Southern California where we are able to tap into the same wealth of advanced aerospace engineering and production capabilities on which other inspiring ventures like SpaceX are building their successes.