The default position is 8 Dot Rows from the top of the label. See the Threshold Set command for more information. Consult the appendix section of your printer manual for a description of the character set. The printer sometimes “promotes” this to a line width 2 bar code, resulting in a printed bar code that is twice as long as desired. Void Text This is the text that will be printed across the label after write retries fail. Backfeed Distance Amount to move label backwards. Itoh Printers section for supported printers.

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Self-strip handling requires that the stock in the printer be properly fed through the self-strip attachment on the printer. This option allows the through sensor to be used when printing transparent labels with a black stripe backing. Gap Offset Cut Interval Dispense Position This command is for determining the beginning of the label when printing labels with irregular gaps.

Part 1 – Font Download Instructions 1. Serial Interface standard interface — Check with manufacturer for cable information. It monarchh not uncommon konarch a label with several sizes of vector fonts to encounter a 3 to 15 second delay per label. Options supported by different PCL5 printer models may vary. Serial Interface standard interface – Check with manufacturer for mlnarch information.

This may or may not be helpful, as the VOID printing would use up more of the printer’s ribbon, but on the other hand, it would make the failure of the tag’s encoding or reading more visible and therefore more evident.


Void Text This is the text that will be printed across the label monarcb write retries fail. The label is cut; the blank label is then retracted into the printer so that it can be printed. Feed Label After Writing When checked, the label is fed from the printer for removal and use after writing.

By default, the Tear Off settings are sent to the printer. Select To Printer from the DataXfer menu. Ribbon Autoecon When on, this command turns the ribbon saver “auto economy” feature on in supported printers. If the graphic is larger than.

Monarch Thermal Barcode Label Printer – Barcode Discount

Symbol Set Selects the symbol set used for fonts;, see Printer Appendix to determine the appropriate choice based on the application. If images are displayed in Loftware Label Manager label design but do not mobarch, the printer may not have enough memory to store the image.

TrueType fonts are downloaded to the UBI printers as graphics. The settings range from 70 to dpi, the default is dpi.

In addition, Proportional Fonts do not center properly; see the Advanced Techniques chapter for information on centering fonts. After your jonarch firmware upgrade is installed, you should uncheck this option. If you are able to test print a label, it should to fit in the printer’s receive buffer.


Monarch Bar Code and label printers, 9805,

The optimal settings and dimensions for different PCL5 printer models may vary. Adjusts the rest point of the media after a label is printed, which changes the position at which the label can be torn off or cut. A negative value will decrease the normal media feed by the specified value after printing is finished.

Refer to the Windows Printers topic for information on how configuration settings are applied to print a label when these settings are specified from different properties pages. No Loftware error message but has Windows error message. All Label-Specific monaech are sent to the printer every time a label is printed. Monqrch Backup This command instructs the printer to retract jonarch label before printing.

Press the button with the “-” icon displayed in blue.

Jonarch Command Section The custom command option sends printer commands otherwise not available in the Loftware Label Manager dialog boxes. Different printer drivers are not necessarily in synch with these strings and IDs.

Darkness allows you to control the darkness of the print. Tag Type Auto Detect determines the tag type.