Great sharp clear picture. The atmospheric pressure problem is, by the way, why big monitors are so much heavier than small ones; there has to be a lot more glass in them than you’d expect by just scaling up the smaller screen, because the tube’s surface area, and the pressure it has to endure, increases with the square of its size. Tue Sep 21, 6: It’s just that you can buy sharper monitors, and the difference will matter to you if you want to do fine high resolution work. Projector Max V-Sync Rate.

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Originally posted by chuckles Selecting The On-screen Menu Language lang Cyber Monday deals you can still get: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

18” Sony Multiscan G400 Trinitrin Color Computer DisplayMonitor

But the phosphor on the inside of the front of the monitor does. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

Fri Sep 17, 5: How much longer do you think this will last? There’s a good, though slightly outdated, article on the different kinds of shadow apparatus and how to measure relative resolutions on ZDNet here.

y400 Axatax Ars Praefectus Registered: Sat Sep 18, 1: There’s a standard HDplug cable coming out of the back of the monitor, as normal, but there’s also a second HD15 socket, to which you can attach a second monitor cable if you like no second cable is included.


Monitors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, When deciding between name brand and no-name screens, a lot of people go for name brand, on the grounds that they’re going mmultiscan get a better monitor.

Review: Sony CDP-G 19″ monitor

Plug And Play Like all colour monitors worthy of the name, the Sony degausses itself automatically when turned on, and you can fire up the coil manually through the setup menu as well.

Dot pitch is the distance between any given dot and the nearest dot of the same colour muptiscan red, green or blue.

For use with G3 and later Macintoshes, you just flick the switch on the adaptor, which lets you use up to byif you like. The cheapo Videocom has a 0. This is not to say that the G doesn’t give a perfectly good display at by – it does. Unless someone will tell you what exactly needs fixed.

Sony CPD-G : Multiscan G Computer Display User’s Manual CPD-G

Spherical screens There are two basic reasons why older and cheaper monitors have curved screens. Furthermore, it’s quite possible for a good tube to be let down by lousy support electronics. Fri Sep 17, 1: Connect The Power Cord And, for many people, “good” means, first and foremost, “big”. Full Operational Testing Position Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: You don’t get a Macintosh cable adaptor with cheap monitors, but there’s nothing magical about such adaptors.


My Sony Trintron Multiscan G400 has mores lines

Unfortunately, the whole front of the tube is never actually visible, because of the plastic surround. The screen of the G is, indeed, not quite perfectly flat, but for all practical intents and purposes it might as well be.

Some people are a bit annoyed by them, but it fades. Pilotage Par Menus Once you get above 19 inch diagonals, monitors start to become a serious hernia risk. Review monitor kindly supplied by Sony Australia. Flat screens are weird, when you’re used to curved ones.